BOISE -- Several noxious weeds are making their way into town and they're causing problems along the way. The Ada County Weed and Pest Department says this is the time of year when noxious weeds crop up the most, and it's a problem that people have failed to curb over the last 10 years.

Kevin Kostka, a weed abatement specialist, says many people wait too long to take action because they don't recognize what noxious weeds are. He says there are 64 types of noxious weeds.

Poison Hemlock is a well known one because it's toxic to people and livestock, but the rest of the noxious weeds, many people don't pay attention to. Kostka says by the time puncture vine matures, it can become a bigger problem.

It's commonly known as goatheads around the country, it's a very easy plant to control if people can identify it , however most of the time people don't recognize that it's there until it's already popped a bike tire or in their pet's foot, or maybe they stepped on it themselves, said Kostka.

He says farmers used to be more proactive about taking care of weeds on their farmlands, but as those lands turned into new development, people who move in don't know they're supposed to remove these weeds. In addition to making the landscape look unkempt, these weeds are pushing out native plant species like ferns, shrubs, and other plants that some wildlife rely on.

The Ada County Weed and Pest Department wants to remind people to remove noxious weeds from their property before they have to, otherwise people can be billed for weed removal services. Failure to pay could also result in a property lien.

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