BOISE -- As the triathletes swim, bike and run from Lucky Peak to downtown Boise for Saturday's Ironman 70.3, a lot of roads will be closed to traffic.

This obviously affects drivers, but businesses also notice a difference.

Everyone seems to agree the event is great for Boise. But there is disagreement over whether the Ironman is good for business. Some people see a spike in sales, but other stores say closed roads can keep customers away.

It's been a real exciting time for us down here, said Kim Zier, manager of Cafe D'arte. We've obviously added to our staffing. We've got about double the folks that we have on staff for tomorrow.

Zier credits the crowds to the Ironman. The race finishes right outside the cafe's door.

It has always been a really good day, this has been a great weekend in the past and so we are excited to see what it is going to bring down for us this weekend, said Zier.

Zier says the triathlon has its share of hassles. There will be a lot of roads closures on Saturday.

The difficulties have been with the parking for our employees, said Zier.

But she still thinks the payout is worth it.

It has been a real positive, she said.

But not everyone is as excited.

It is very busy down here, but it is definitely hard for our clients, said Jen Visser, an employee at the Loft.

Loft and other clothing stores on 8th Street say although the event is great, it keeps their usual clients away.

We have a lot of people that come in and are just browsing. That are just wasting time to see til their family member crosses the finish line, said Visser.

So while more people may be in the store, Loft may not see the big payout.

We like but it is definitely a different environment down here, said Visser.

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