BOISE -- There's at least one local race that's still undecided, the Precinct 1915 committeeman in Ada County. Precinct 1915 includes the west side of downtown Boise.

Roger Brown and Brock Frazier each received 22 votes in Tuesday's election.

There are 145 precincts in Ada County. This position allows them to vote on vacant positions.

Once the results are certified, there will be a coin flip to determine the winner. The coin toss is scheduled for 10 a.m. on May 22 at the Ada County Courthouse.

The clerk is supposed to toss the coin in this situation and so we'll allow one of the participants to do that, we haven't figured that out yet, I've never done it before, said Ada County Clerk Christopher Rich.

In his 14 years as clerk of Ada County, Rich has never seen a tie and his predecessor only had it happen once.

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