PORTLAND Members of the Occupy Portland movement held a rally in a Northeast Portland park Tuesday morning and then reclaimed a foreclosed home nearby as part of their protest.

They were calling the rally at Woodlawn Park a Land Liberation and Space Reclamation event tied to May Day and protesting the power of banks. Woodlawn Park is located at the intersection of NE13th Avenue and Dekum Street.

Hundreds gathered at the park and some moved to a nearby foreclosed home. The protesters entered the home, located near the intersection of Bryant and NE6th Ave., saying they were reclaiming it from the banks and putting it back into the public trust.

The protesters broke into the lock box and used the key to enter the home through a side door. The former owner of the home, Alisha Jackson was there, watching and talking to reporters. The crowd began cheering welcome home, welcome home! after the door was unlocked.

Police were standing by watching but had not made any arrests.

Records obtained by KGW showed that the home was foreclosed on in June of 2011 by Fox Capital Corporation.

Interactive map: May Day events in Portland

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