BOISE -- A federal judge will review conditions of an indicted Tamarack Resort suitor's freedom late this week after prosecutors raised concern that he's violated terms that allowed him to avoid jail pending a trial.

U.S. Magistrate Candy Dale in Boise plans to hear prosecutors' contentions on Friday in the case against Matthew Hutcheson.

Hutcheson had been barred from raising money from investors after he was charged with bilking pension funds of $5 million.

But Thursday, Hutcheson's father-in-law, Brad Mason, tried to show Tamarack assets to unidentified investors.

That prompted assistant U.S. Attorney Ray Patricco's allegation that Mason's efforts were tantamount to Hutcheson acting on his own.

Consequently, Patricco wants Dale to review whether Mason is an appropriate custodian for Hutcheson.

Hutcheson's lawyer, Dennis Charney, said his client has done nothing wrong.

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