KUNA -- A little mystery in Kuna has been solved. Wednesday we told you about a diamond ring found by two sewer workers in the Kuna sewer. Because of that story, the owner has her ring back.

Mechelle Rieger met with us Thursday morning. She told us how the ring left her possession. She lost it a year and a half ago just after going to the restroom.

I stood up and I flushed the toilet and went to put my ring on the privacy wall and it's pretty heavy, and it bounced off, and just like in slow motion it went down, plopped in the toilet right as the toilet was flushing and I just started screaming, and I had my hand down in there too, screaming, 'my ring's down the toilet,' said Rieger. My kids and my husband came running in the bathroom, my kids of course start laughing, because I'm kind of klutzy like that. I just started crying, I've got to my ring, and so my husband, he tore apart the toilet, he went under the house and tore apart all the pipes and he come up shaking his head, and I just started crying because I knew it was gone forever. I would never see it again. It was the most luxurious item I've ever owned, and so I was sick to my stomach.

Rieger moved from Kuna a year ago and figured the roughly $6,000, 7-diamond ring was lost in the sewers. That of course was until Wednesday night when some of her friends told her to go to

I was like, you're kidding, I said I'm driving, read me the story, word for word, said Rieger.

Sure enough, it was her ring. She knew from the description of the back of her custom ring. She picked it up Thursday morning at Kuna City Hall.

As soon as the lady said, Can I help you? I just jumped up and down, 'That's my ring, that's my ring, that's my ring,' said Rieger.

An hour later it was back on her hand.

This is the ring, and you can see the diamonds are still sparkly as ever, said Rieger.

After spending a year and a half with a substitute ring - Rieger's prodigal ring has returned.

And the best part of it all is in June I celebrate my 25th anniversary with my husband, so this has got to be the best present and the best day ever, said Rieger.

Rieger plans to have the ring cleaned and the band fixed up a little bit before she wears it full-time again.

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