KUNA -- In just over a month, the top women cyclists in the world will compete in Idaho during the Exergy Tour.

The routes of the inaugural bike race were announced Tuesday.

The course takes riders through five Idaho towns and over a variety of terrain.

The women will be racing for the largest prize in women's cycling history -- $100,000 -- and competing for ranking points that help them qualify for the Olympics.

People in Kuna still seem to be in shock that part of this race goes right through their small town.

That is a pretty big honor for Kuna, should be a lot of fun, and I know Kuna will make them all feel really welcome, said Vern Cornish.

It's more than a month away, but already the Exergy Tour is the talk of the town in Kuna.

Sometimes you can still see horses ridden on the road and to have the world class athletes riding their really fancy bicycles will be quite a contrast, won't it? said Comish.

Enrique Contreras, the owner of El Gallo Giro, is already gearing up for race day.

Oh, it means a lot to us because we are going to have a lot more business, said Contreras.

Contreras' restaurant is doing the catering for the VIP area for the Exergy Tour in Kuna. But because the restaurant is just three blocks away from the starting line, he's hoping to cater to an even larger crowd.

Hopefully they come here to see the race, and they get hungry come here and eat, and have a drink too, said Contreras.

It is one of those things that the publicity alone is just priceless, said Kuna Mayor Greg Nelson.

Cycling tours aren't new to this part of Idaho. It's been over a decade but Kuna was on the route for the HP Women's Challenge. And the mayor is excited to have the cyclists back.

A town our size to have world class athletes coming here, you know, break bread with us, rub shoulders with us, is unusual, said Nelson.

It may be unusual but Kuna seems ready to welcome the athletes and everyone who comes to watch the Exergy Tour.

It will be a good day for us, said Nelson.

And hopefully the cyclists and the spectators will come again soon.

Before the Exergy Tour starts the town is competing to see who will get to sing the national anthem on race day. The Kuna Exergy Tour committee is taking submissions from local performers. The top five will compete live at the Kuna Farmer's Market one week before the race.

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