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McCALL, Idaho -- Brundage Mountain celebrated the spring season in styleSaturday with their Crazy Daze and Pond Skimming celebration. Festivities included a costume contest, treasure hunt and, of course, pond skimming.

What is pond skimming? Necessary elements include a costume, a pair of skis of a snowboard, a 100-foot pond, some cold water, a cheering crowd and a little luck to make it all the way across.

Participants had to make their down the slope and use whatever speed, momentum and style they could to skim across. Some of the decked out water skippers made it in style. Others...didn't. But the Brundage Snow Blog reported that even those who didn't make it got rousing applause, perhaps even more so than for those who did.

The Cascade Swift Water Rescue Team helped fish people out of the pond or dunk them on a case-by-case basis.

After three rounds of splashing, skimming andpeople fishing,repeat-finalist Lolo Nelson was crowned the winner.

Brundage still has a little bit of time left in their regularseason, which ends on April 8. However, they have added two bonus weekends: April 14-15 and April 21-22.

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