BOISE -- If you have any plans to go to downtown Boise anytime this weekend, you can expect a lot of extra foot traffic. That's because a new event is in town called Treefort. It's a music festival that started Thursday evening.

There will be 150 or so bands that will perform this weekend. Organizers say this event is happening because of local businesses stepping up.

From the Neurolux to The Linen Building to the Modern Hotel, there are a lot of businesses in Boise that love music.

Very happy to have them here, said Elizabeth Tullis, the owner/ manager of the Modern Hotel. Her hotel will put up 15 bands this weekend for free.

We've always tried to support the arts in any way we could, and so just having them here and helping them in any way we can to bring these people here and bring them back year after year. We are more than happy to do, said Tullis.

This is one of the hugest music events that's ever happened in the city, said Chad Dryden. He is with The Record Exchange is also sponsoring the Treefort music festival.

The timing of this is great, and there's just a discernable buzz in this town around the music scene, and quite possibly the biggest buzz its ever had, said Dryden.

I love live music, and I feel like the bands I wanted to see were always bands I had to travel to see even though I felt like, when I started looking at all their schedules, they were going right by here, said Lori Shandro, an Treefort organizer.

So, she and two others decided to change that, but the problem was big businesses - the people with a lot money - weren't going to invest in a first year event.

So they turned to Boise business who had a love of the arts. She says Treefort could not happen with out them.

I wouldn't want it to happen without them, said Shandro. This is a community event. This is highlighting Boise as much as it is the artists.

A community event that's attracting people throughout the U.S. and Canada.

We need a lot more of this sort of stuff in Boise, I think, said Tullis. We have the venues to do it. We've got such good local talent to be able to bring in other talent and them to play together.

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