BOISE -- Saturday was a dreary day, but that didn't stop dozens of kids and parents from getting active, and helping to battle hunger in the community.

Janna Bell, a mother of two, brought her kids to Hillside Junior High School on Saturday.

It was a rainy morning, and the kids had a lot of energy, and it sounded like the perfect place for them to get it out, said Bell.

Hillside was one of three junior high schools in the city of trees hosting Let's Move Boise events.

Let's Move Boise wants to reduce the risk of childhood obesity and increase physical activity for the whole community. So, kids and parents were invited to come and play with the Idaho Tennis Association, play some hockey with equipment donated by the Idaho Steelheads, or just use the school's gym for hoops or hula-hooping.

My son, who's two, tried the hockey sticks, which was a lot of fun for him, said Bell. My daughter just kind of ran around and did every activity she could.

When kids think about exercise, they think about it as being hard work, and it is hard work, but at the same time, it can be fun, said Erin Guerricabeitia, with Let's Move Boise. It's great because we've had several kids that are coming out and saying, 'This is really fun.'

Let's Move Boise also wants to make healthier food more available to people of all incomes. So, they passed out seed packets, encouraging people to grow their own fresh produce, and donate any extra.

Get people thinking a little bit more about growing their own food, and creating their own food security in their own back yard, said Guerricabeitia.

The kids have to make a lot of choices throughout the day, and sometimes you need to guide them to the more healthy ones, said Bell.

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