NEAR CASCADE -- The recent rain is causing flooding in ValleyCounty. Highway 55, south of Cascade, is down to one lane as Idaho TransportationDepartment crews work to clear water from the road.

Traffic is reduced to one lane as you come out of Smiths Ferry and enter Round Valley. ITD crews are controlling the traffic with stop signs to keep drivers from being forced to drive through the southbound lane on Highway 55, which is covered with water.

The flooding over the road began Thursday evening. Traffic control began at about 8 p.m., and continued throughout the day Friday.

The water is slowly receding, but when it began, crews say it was completely covering the road.

Snowplows were being used to displace water, forcing traffic to stop and wait. If heading either direction on Highway 55Friday evening, expect delays.

Floodwater is also covering the Farm to Market Road in Roseberry. Photos sent to us by viewers via First Person show that the road is completely covered with water. The historic buildings in the area are also flooded.

Lt. Dan Smith with the Valley County Sheriff's Office provided a list of roads that have been affected by the rain:

Farm to Market / Spink Lane -- Water over road way

Davis Creek Lane -- Water is over the road north and south Davis Creek bridge on Gold Fork Road

11085 Cone Court -- Significant water over road

101 Highway 55 -- Water across sbnd lane as you come to the first corner

Cabarton Road / West Mountain Road -- Water on Cabarton south of the lake

Barker Lane / Gold Fork Road -- Water over the road west of Gold Fork on Barker, west of Gold Fork Canal is over flowing on Barker and is going across the road - still passable

142.5 Highway 55 -- Water over the road both lanes

Dam Road / Glen Street -- Water across the road two feet deep

Corral Creek Road -- Water running down the road and across the road 1-1.5 feet deep. Car would not make it through.

Pleasant Acres Drive / W. Lake Fork Road -- Water running across the roadn and starting to run under the pavement creating a dip


Norwood - closed between Maki and Lakefork

Norwood - closed from W Roseberry to Gestrins. Closed completely north of Gestrins to Flemming Lane

Nisula - closed from Smylie to Norwood

Schultz - closed

Sixty Lane / Skunk Creek Road - closed but homeowners are still able to get to their houses. For those living on 60 Lane take Skunk Creek to Herrick and out.

Gray Lane - closed due to water

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