BOISE -- Voters headed to the polls Tuesday to vote on school levy elections. However, there's been some confusion for some voters in Ada County.

Ada County Clerk Chris Rich says part of the confusion may have come from a change in five polling places, which affected fewer than 3,000 voters. Rich says Ada County Elections notified the affected voters of the change via mail last week. The old polling places were not available for use Tuesday.

Not all facilities can be used every election so we had to let everybody know. So when a polling place changes, we mail a notification card, said Rich.

Rich says another confusing factor could have come from the website, The website, which is run by the state of Idaho, informs voters where to vote in elections. However, Rich says the information on the website does not apply to Tuesday's school levy elections in Ada County.

Rich says voter information on is based on new redistricting boundaries, information that's relevant for the May primaries, not the school levy elections in Ada County. Rich says precincts for the school levy election on March 13 are based on old redistricting boundaries.

Rich also says this is the first time Ada County has held an exclusive school levy election. In the past, he says school districts were in charge of school levy elections. Rich says voters may be used to voting at any school they wanted for a school levy election, but now the precincts are set by Ada County.

So maybe somebody who's used to voting at this school now has to go to a church or something, said Rich.

Rich says come May, when the redistricting is sorted out, elections should be easier for voters to understand because they will be consolidated.

The idea behind consolidated elections was to give certain dates and have constant locations so everybody would know we're going to vote four times a year and we're going to go to the same place all the time, said Rich.

Rich says voters in Ada County who have questions on where to vote should call 208-287-6860.

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