GEM COUNTY -- Cows shot and left for dead. Within the past few weeks cows have been found dead in pastures around the area.

Now, law enforcement is hoping to find out who is responsible.

They don't believe the cow killings are linked because they're spread out over a large area, but with the high frequency within the past weeks they re hoping someone, somewhere knows something that can lead them to the person or persons responsible.

This is an ongoing thing that's been happening lately, said Lynn Gibson, the State Brand Inspector. In the last three weeks there's been seven cows that have been shot and left lay.

The most recent case happened sometime this past weekend five miles north of Eagle. A cow and calf were shot and left for dead.

The little calf, they shot him and broke his back and then they drove down there and just point blank shot him, said Gibson.

This is the latest in a string of cow killings. Three weeks ago four cows were shot in rural Payette County, another shot in Canyon County.

We're putting on full court press to figure out who's doing this and get them punished, said Gibson.

As of now, Gibson and law enforcement have very few leads to go on in these cases and no reason as to why.

No reason, just killing to be killing something. Whoever is doing this has no respect for life out here, said Gibson.

Gibson says they have retrieved the bullet from inside one of the cows in this most recent shooting. They've also identified the tire tracks that they hope will lead them to a suspect.

If you have any information regarding any of these shootings you're asked to contact law enforcement in the respective counties, or the brand inspection office at 1-800-772-8442.

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