BOISE -- After a very long wait -- Bogus Basin is finally open.

Many skiers and snowboarders used the occasion to take a sick day, but it was also the first day of work for people who have jobs on the mountain.

Bogus Basin officials estimate 1,600 people hit the slopes on opening day. There was a lot of excitement on the mountain today, and those who work here were grateful Mother Nature provided them with a job.

It was awesome! exclaimed Oliver Anderson.

Many traded in the slacks and ties, pencils and books, for skis, boards and snow clothes.

Really looking forward to the season, and late start, but a great start for late start. Can't complain, said Tim Haus.

For employees, opening day is one they too have waited months for.

I'm employed by Bogus, but I'm not really working due to the fact there's no snow. Now the work begins, so I'll make some money, said Erik Peterson.

We're pretty stoked. Everybody rides so it's good to get back to work and ride and work, get a paycheck, said Bounmy Prasavanh.

The January 19th opening day shattered the old record for latest opening day at Bogus by 13 days.

The late start meant big losses for the non-profit mountain, estimated at more than $2 million.

And when you think about it, it's really not money you can make up, said Bogus Basin spokeswoman Gretchen Anderson.

Bogus temporarily laid off all employees that were considered non-essential. While others like the CEO and CFO worked for free. But that was yesterday.

We would have liked to have seen this two months ago, but we're open and it's just onward and upward from here, said Anderson.

Today is different because there's now snow and jobs. Conditions were pretty good on day one.

It's just dumping. So, it's great, and I think that's what everybody looks for, is powder days, and that's what you want, and this is a great first day to get it, said Tim Haus.

Especially nice for those who are paid to run the mountain.

Yes, it's very nice to be working, said Peterson.

It's great to be out here and I haven't ridden yet, so kind of waiting to get off work. Go get a run in or something, said Prasavanh.

Day on at Bogus Basin is in the books. Hopefully there are going to be many more days just like today.

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