BOISE -- Travel to and from Pacific Northwest airports was difficult today after an ice storm hit the Seattle area.

A lot of travelers in Boise were affected by the weather mess.

A handful of flights headed to and from Seattle and Portland today were cancelled this morning.

That left a lot of passengers stranded and frustrated at the Boise Airport.

I was supposed to fly out at 11:40 (a.m.) and that was totally cancelled, said Lois Keighley from
Portland, Oregon.

I've got to get to work this weekend. I've got to get home, said Emily McWilliams from Portland, Oregon.

Came out this morning, I was booked on an earlier flight and it got delayed so I went back to the hotel, the flight was rescheduled, so now I came back out here and when I got back out here I found out the flight was delayed again, said Greg Miller from Seattle, Washington.

The Sea-Tac Airport was closed until 8:30 a.m. Mountain Time because of the ice storm.

When the airport reopened only one runway was operating, which caused significant delays in and out of the airport. Those delays are still being felt.

The majority of those passengers affected this morning in Boise were re-booked on later flights to Seattle and Portland, but those flights were also delayed.

The Sea-Tac Airport did manage to open a second runway, which relieved some problems.

Travelers are urged to check with their airline before heading out to the Boise Airport today.

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