BOISE -- One of the four people convicted of a brutal beating of a Washington state woman will soon be released from prison.

Kenneth Wurdemann pleaded guilty to attacking Linda LeBrane off Interstate 84 near Caldwell in June of 2000.

Wurdemann, along with his younger brother John, Jeremy Sanchez and Sarah Pearce, forced LeBrane off the road. They pulled her from her car, beat her with a baseball bat, stabbed her dozens of times, and slit her throat. They then set LeBrane's car on fire, leaving her for dead in a beet field.

The Idaho Commission of Pardons and Parole says Wurdemann has served his fixed sentence and will tentatively be granted parole on Feb. 24.

He would likely be returned to South Carolina, where he is from, and not allowed to have contact with the victim.

The three others convicted in the attack are still behind bars.

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