BOISE -- First it was snow, then it was rain, and next came the flooding.

The Ada County Highway District crews had their hands full Thursday trying to get rid of water that had backed up onto the road.

By Friday, most of those areas were clear.

ACHD crews responded to more than 100 reports of flooding. Thanks to some high powered vacuum trucks, crews were able to suck some of the water off the roads.

The first step for crews is clearing blocked storm drains. Some drains became blocked by debris and ice.

In Eagle, near Floating Feather Road and Edgewood Lane, the drainage system was overwhelmed by water. Crews brought in two vacuum trucks and they say those trucks made all the difference.

If it wasn't for the vacuum trucks we'd still be there just baby sitting it and trying to get other pumps out there. Trying to pump water with a lot more hoses and it would just take a lot longer to get the water out of there. I mean these trucks that we have and the water trucks that were there were life savers, said Courtney Janis with ACHD.

The ACHD vacuum trucks can hold up to 2,000 gallons of water. In Eagle on Thursday, they pulled more than 30,000 gallons of water off of the streets.

Are you wondering where they put all of that water? They drove a few blocks away to a larger storm drain that could handle the extra water. They can also bring the water back to ACHD stations.

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