BOISE -- On Saturday evening, Boise welcomed the holiday season by lighting the official city Christmas tree. Hundreds of people gathered at Grove Plaza for caroling, food, warm drinks and the official lighting ceremony.

The tree was donated by Lucille Eason of Boise. The Christmas tree is also known as a 'Giving Tree', which has more than 1,000 wish list tags the public can take to fill basic needs and wishes for the Women's and Children's Alliance.

The tree will stay lit until New Year's Day.

At the ceremony, KTVB asked dozens of people one question: What's your Christmas wish? Here are some of the answers from kids and adults alike:

A new RC car.
A guitar.
A unicorn.
To have superpowers. Flying, laser eyes and shape-shifting.
A BCS Bowl game! [This was obviously a Bronco fan.]
For us to all be loved for who we are without fear of being hurt.
That all the families out there that are separated would be brought together.
I wish that all of American war men have a safe trip home.
I hope that our whole family can be together for the holidays.

Mayor Dave Bieter did the official tree lighting countdown. Here is his Christmas wish: Since we're standing right by it, I'm going to wish that the hole [at 8th and Main] is filled like we plan on having it...I'm going to make that my wish, and I think it's going to make it. He also hoped people would be at home and safe this holiday season.

Watch the video above to see more Christmas wishes.

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