BOISE -- Boise's smoking ban is affecting more than bars and city buildings.

Boise State University students and faculty who smoke are being pushed farther away from campus, and if you go to Warm Springs Golf Course you need to be careful where you light up.

Concerned bar owners have expressed the smoking ban will hurt their businesses.

Smokers who use city parks and the city owned golf course might feel the sting of this ban when it takes effect January 2, 2012.

Wednesday afternoon, Jim Cook was enjoying a game of golf at Warm Springs Golf Course.

I golf about four times a week, he said.

Cook was thrilled when the Boise City Council voted to ban smoking in certain public places Tuesday evening.

That is terrific because I have thought about it and it s pretty irritating and I just don't like it, said Cook.

Director of golf at Warm Springs Golf Course, Scott McGeachin said smokers will still be allowed to light up on the course.

They just can't smoke in certain areas, McGeachin said.

When it comes to the club house, putting green, driving range and the Boise Greenbelt path that intersects with the course, smokers need to stay 20 feet back.

However, if you are actually golfing on the fairway, McGeachin says, They can still enjoy their cigar and have their smoke in peace.

At the Boise State University campus smoking is already banned, so sometimes students cross the bridge onto the Boise Greenbelt to smoke. However now, that is even off limits too.

I can't already ride my long board downtown. That upsets me, Sophomore Hamza Ishaq feels like his rights are being taken away.

It's pretty upsetting. I work really hard for my money, and now I am going to get tickets for smoking in public areas? he asked.

Back on the Warm Springs course, Cook's Wednesday afternoon golf game is going well. He maintains the smoking ban is a good thing, I want to breathe the air. The air is great. It s a gorgeous day today. It s beautiful out here without it (the smoke).

Designated smoking areas will be set up for those who smoke in Ann Morrison and Julia Davis Parks.

The Boise Downtown Association hold functions at Grove Plaza, which is also included in the smoking ban. They are holding meetings about it, but have no concrete plans for where to place smokers at downtown community events.

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