BOISE -- After location changes and years of waiting, the Idaho Aquarium is finally in the construction process.

For the past several years, developers of the aquarium have been pre-selling season passes and asking people to sponsor animals, all while telling buyers an opening date for the Treasure Valley was right around the corner.

The Idaho Aquarium, which is a non-profit organization, is currently under construction in Boise with an opening date for mid-December.

But what the Aquarium promised to patrons and what they'll actually get on opening day may not be what some were expecting.

Inside the aquarium, the tanks are filled with saltwater just waiting for the fish, turtles and sting-rays.

The aquarium is located in a 10,000 square foot warehouse on the corner of Cole and Franklin roads in Boise, but only a portion of the space will be used come opening day on Dec. 16.

We thought that by building the aquarium at half steam, which is kind of what we have now, we'll have an incredible chance to get the rest of the funds, said Ammon Covino with the Idaho Aquarium.

Covino says what's built at the aquarium so far is all from season passes that were sold.

There's a lot of things that aren't done yet. You can see some of our lights are missing, tanks are empty, but those are things that are on their way, he said.

On the Idaho Aquarium's Facebook page some have voiced concern calling into question their multiple location changes and wondering if the passes they bought years ago will still be valid.

Kristi Young of Nampa bought a family pass for $84 last spring, a family splurge.

We thought, oh, how great cause it was supposed to open in June, said Young.

Now months later, she's worried the aquarium won't live up to the hype.

I can go to Petco and look at a wall of fish tanks for free, said Young.

Covino says the bigger exhibits, including a shark walk-though shark tank and seal exhibit are still in the works, but it s a matter of funding.

The future exhibits? Absolutely. There is no question about it. The engineering is all done for the exhibit. It s coming in, said Covino.

Owners say everyone who purchased passes in the last couple years will still be able to use them.

The aquarium is planning a fundraising event later this month, They hope to have enough money to begin on the shark and seal exhibit.

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