BOISE - The news from Boise State head coach Chris Petersen surrounding three Dutch players removed from play: there's still no news.

Petersen held his weekly news conference a day early Sunday in advance of Friday's game at Toledo. Right out of the gates, members of the media began asking questions about the trio of players - Cedric Febis, Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe and Geraldo Boldewijn. All three men hail from Holland.

I think there's progress being made, in the investigation, Petersen said. They're looking at everything from A to Z. Then we're going from there. Hopefully we're getting information sooner rather than later.

Petersen said the school's compliance department is in the thick of the investigation, and the issue was a surprise.

(It came) very much out of left field. No indication there (were) any problems at all, he said.

Many have speculated the issue center on players' housing. Petersen skirted the question and wouldn't comment on the notion:

It's, ya' aknow - they are looking from A to Z, he said. I don't know everything myself. When we get everything, we'll get it to you guys

The players - particularly Febis, the senior safety, are feeling the weight of the situation.

These guys are crushed. Cedric was crushed. The day before - or a couple days before - the biggest game of life, it's like - 'this isn't going to happen.'

Petersen said the players found out a day or two before the team left for the showdown with Georgia. He said he isn't sure why the issue cropped up when it did.

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