BOISE-- Firefighters from Idaho left Monday knowing their mission will take them to the front lines of the fire.

Flames in Texas keep burning and their manpower is maxed out.

Officials reached out for help from around the country and a request came through the Boise Interagency Dispatch Center.

The Boise National Forest sent ten of its firefighters and two of its engines.

Our engines are designed to operate off roads and they carry specialized equipment to deal with the wildland fires, said Bob Shindelar of the Boise National Forest.

The Idaho firefighters are going to Bastrop County, Texas. It s an area in which hundreds of homes have been destroyed and evacuations are ongoing.

Texas is in a pretty dire situation right now. They've been in long term drought. They're going to continue to get more new fires until they receive some precip. Unfortunately they didn't have summer rains like they normally have and they're just now moving into their fall dry season which they really don't need at this point. They desperately need some rain, said Shindelar.

And until they get it, the Idaho firefighters are prepared to stay.

They'll be there for 2 weeks. We'll either swap out those crews and fly other firefighters from here to go replace or when they're done and the fire is contained and out, they'll drive those trucks back to Idaho, Shindelar said.

Even though Idaho has a busy fire season of its own, the Boise National Forest felt it was critical to lend Texas a hand.

Because there's going to be a time when we're going to have a need for fire engines and when we have that need I'm sure Texas will send them to us when we need them, Shindelar said.

The firefighters from the Boise National Forest are expected to arrive in Texas late Tuesday and jump into action first thing Wednesday morning.

The Boise National Forest tells us Texas has requested help from the federal government to pay for the cost of fighting the fire which would include paying for the firefighters from Idaho.

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