BOISE -- The story of a young cancer survivor is capturing the hearts of many in the Treasure Valley.

Good news for Gage today. He will get to go home tonight.

In the past three months, 8-year-old Gage Driskell was diagnosed with a brain tumor and had two surgeries to remove it.

When Gage leaves the hospital he will have a big group waiting for him at home.

But before he leaves he is going to have some surprise visitors, members of the Boise State University football team are stopping by his room.

Gage is a huge BSU Bronco fan. Now, the football team is cheering on his recovery and they are not alone.

Gage's house needed serious repairs. The condition it was in would have been unsafe for him to return.

When neighbor Rhonda Price-Tucker and Parma Police Chief Albert Erickson heard the news about Gage, they organized a huge renovation and lifted a huge weight off of Gage's family.

Everyone is going to be on tippy toes around Gage when it comes to health. So, to have a house to come home to that we don't have to worry about any issues with mold or dirt or anything like that, it is just amazing, said Gage's father Jacob Driskell. It is going to make it so much easier to deal with what Gage has coming in the next year.

When Gage arrives at home, he will enter into the next stage of his recovery.

After brain surgery, Gage lost control of his movement and speech. He is re-learning how to move and talk.

He is also facing at least a year of chemotherapy treatments. But he isn't fighting this alone. It is clear he has the support of his family, friends, the Treasure Valley, and the Boise State Broncos.

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