EAGLE -- On this Memorial Day weekend, you have the chance to honor the military men and women who have served and who are serving our country.

Right now, there is a special Field of Honor at Merrill Park in Eagle. There are 600 American flags are flying high, and each one of them has a story.

I'm very proud of my service.

Phil Hawkins retired from the Army after 30 years of service, two tours in Vietnam and two Purple Hearts.

You come out and walk through this field and these flags, you stand up straight, you feel good because you know the sacrifice you made to keep this nation free, said Hawkins.

This Field of Honor is the only one in the state of Idaho.

The Field of Honor is an opportunity to say thank you to anyone who has ever served. The ones who are currently serving, the ones who have served in the past, Kathy Coburn, Chairman, Eagle Field of Honor.

Former Eagle Mayor Nancy Merrill came up with the idea five years ago.

She'd seen it in different places, and she got the first project going, said Coburn.

That's when Kathy Coburn and her sister jumped on board as volunteers.

The two of us wanted to make sure it was up each year, so we decided to take it on and make sure it happened. It's our opportunity to express our gratitude, said Coburn.

Every year the opening ceremony for the field takes place on Armed Forces Day.

The opening ceremony is really something to see, it's a tremendous event. People are surprised when they see the full impact of the field, said Coburn.

There are 600 American flags flying here and each one is special.

Each one has a yellow ribbon hanging off of it, is an individual, some have served in the past, some are currently serving. It's $30 to sponsor a flag, and at the end of the event the flag goes home with those people, said Coburn.

Each yellow ribbon has a story... a face, a family.

Some are deceased, some are killed in action, some are POWs, said Coburn.

I tell you what, it's very emotional, said Hawkins.

Phil Hawkins works for the VA now, taking care of our veterans.

Every veteran at the home, we have a tag here for, a yellow ribbon for, said Hawkins.

When this is all done, they will actually bring the tags to the home and we will actually tie these to the wheelchairs of the veterans who are with us, said Hawkins.

Kathy says the reaction to the field varies, They come from all over.

But it's always somber and respectful.

For some people they have an emotional attachment to a family member who has passed and it gives them a chance to be close, said Coburn.

For Phil Hawkins, being a part of this project is an honor.

I just come over and I walk the field, and if there's something wrong with the flags, I'll quietly repair it. I love doing that, he said.

To Phil, and countless others like him who have served, or who are serving -- you are our heroes!

The Field of Honor is located in Merrill Park in Eagle. It will be open until 4 p.m. Tuesday. Admission is free.

The extra profits from the flag sponsorships go to the Idaho Veterans Home.

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