BOISE -- Students helping students, it's a senior class project that a Bishop Kelly High School student began in his sophomore year.

Now, it s helping make the lives of homeless students in Boise a little bit easier.

A group of about20 high school students are very passionate about their organization.

They help others who are just like them: same age, same interests, but one clear difference -- those students don't have a roof over their heads.

The Organization Assisting the Homeless Student, or OATHS, was the brainchild of 11th grader Ben Skinner.

Nobody really knows there are homeless students in Boise and that they need help, said Skinner.

His mission has won the support of other Bishop Kelly students.

I thought it was an interesting concept, said Michael Bokan, an 11th grader at Bishop Kelly. Students helping other homeless students.

On Sunday, OATHS was at Boise's Westside Drive In, talking to customers about their donation drive and who the money would help.

We're getting some really good donations and people are sticking around talking to us, seeing how can they help, said Anna Kinalski, an 11th grader at Bishop Kelly High School.

The money they collect buys items on a wish list that homeless students provide through charities.

Skinner recalled one experience he had with a child on the receiving end of one of those donations.

I gave him a pair of basketball shoes and he asked me two questions, Skinner said. He said 'Can I keep them? And I said, 'Yes you can keep them.' And then said, 'Can I put them in my box?' And it just kind of put into perspective, they have nothing.

The owner of the Westside Drive In offered 5 percentof Sunday's sales to the cause.

You just put yourself in a homeless student s frame of mind, said Louis Aaron, owner of Westside Drive In. You cannot but help and think about that.

To like school a little bit more makes them want to stay in school, Skinner said.

If you would like to help OATHS, click here.

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