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GLENNS FERRY -- Not many people know about everything Glenns Ferry has to offer. I was surprised to learn about everything the one property we set our cameras up at had to offer.

Today, we're broadcasting our News at Five and News atSix from the Carmela Winery, which is much more than just a vineyard, and cellar.

The winery sits on a beautiful green golf course, where golfers can play nine or 18 holes. Those who don't golf can spend time in the spa, getting a massage, manicure, or facial.

Roger Jones, owner of CarmelaVineyards took us on a behind-the-scenes tour of the land, the cellar, and where the bottle their wine. It is an incredibly complicated process, that can't be wrapped up in a blog, but tonight on the evening news, Mark Johnson will give you an in-depth look at the process.

The vineyards require constant maintenance, and each grape is picked by hand. About 20-25 people help in the vineyard when it is time to harvest the grapes. Deer, raccoons and birds try to help a little bit too, and Jones says that is why they have to keep a constant eye on what is happening around their property.

The road we walked along to see the vineyard iswhat separates thegrapes from the golf course. For those interested in relaxation, a fine wine, and a good game of golf -- Glenns Ferry could be the perfect getaway.

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