ONTARIO, Oregon -- Many schools in our community are working on fundraisers for Japan.

A small school in Ontario, Oregon is making a huge effort to recycle pop cans.

The student body at Saint Peter Catholic School consists of about 70 kids. They have been collecting pop cans -- so many of them, they are flooding the halls of the school.

The young students at Saint Peter School knew something terrible happened, and they wanted to help.

Mrs. Ormsby started brainstorming, I thought what can I do, what can I do, what can I do? So I thought pop cans!

Each pop can is worth five cents in Oregon.

It's very time consuming and most people don't want to deal with it, so I thought we'll just collect those pop cans, said Regina Ormsby.

It started with her class and quickly spread to the whole school.

I am ecstatic about the turnout, said Mrs. Ormsby. I walked in the other day and I found a big row of cans and I was really surprised of how many cans were there.

Kaitlyn Steppe, a student at Saint Peter, was excited when she heard about Mrs Ormsby's idea.

If nobody in America helped them or anybody else helped them, I thought about, what if we had an earthquake and nobody helped us, said Kaitlyn. Now that I could do something I decided that I should because I might not get too many opportunities.

She was happy to add her cans to the pile. She wasn't alone, the hallway is now filled with thousands of pop cans.

The goal is to raise $500 for the Red Cross. The small school is very close to that.

Mrs. Ormsby said the kids are excited about the fundraiser and it is teaching the kids a big lesson.

The importance of helping our brothers and sisters in need, whether they are next door or across the ocean, said Mrs. Ormsby.

Saint Peter Catholic School is challenging area businesses to kick in $50 each or more, so they can double the donation to $1,000 for the Red Cross.

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