MERIDIAN -- Robert Hall, who is charged with first-degree murder, was released on bond Tuesday night.

The step-brother of Emmett Corrigan, the man Rob Hall is accused of killing, is furious.

I was sick to my stomach, said Jason Blackwell. I mean, I almost threw up.

Blackwell said he thought there was no chance of Hall posting bond.

Everything that we thought has just been thrown up in the air, said Blackwell. It's like a tornado.

But what do neighbors think about a man, who police say, shot and killed another man about a quarter mile away from their neighborhood, presumably living right down the road?

One neighbor we spoke with says he has no problem with Rob Hall being near his family, and says that Hall is very stable.

But another, who wishes to stay anonymous, says he won't let his kids walk to school alone anymore, and claims most of the neighbors are psychologically wrecked.

We're fearful, said the neighbor. He's obviously got nothing to lose. Who knows when he's going to snap next?

Some of the neighbors we spoke with are disappointed Hall walked out of jail.

But they were more disappointed that his kids were asked to help make that happen.

They were going to door to door in our neighborhood. Their mother sent them out to ask them if the neighbors could say that the father was an outstanding citizen to bring back their daddy, said a neighbor.

Considering this man has no control over his emotions, I'd say people should be pretty worried, said Blackwell. What happens when someone pisses him off next?

We tried to get reaction from Rob Hall himself, but no one was home when we knocked on his door.

Several neighbors we spoke with are confused and worried.

I just don't understand how a person like this can be allowed out on the street, said a neighbor. We just don't want to live our lives this way.

Again, another neighbor is not worried at all.

However, Blackwell is concerned that Hall's home is about a mile from the wife and kids of Emmett Corrigan.

We tried to get reaction, outside the courtroom, from Rob Hall's public defender, but he said he isn't ready to comment yet.

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