BOISE -- A man who police say killed his girlfriend and her two children, then left for Mexico, is now back in Idaho to face three counts of first-degree murder.

Jorge Lopez Orozco, 33,was captured in Mexico more than one year ago, but his extradition was finalized Wednesday, when he was finally delivered to the Elmore County Jail.

It is with great pleasure, that we announce the successful extradition of Jorge Orozco from Mexico, FBI Supervisory Senior Resident Agent John Morton said.

According to prosecutors, in 2002, Lopez Orozco shot 29-year-old Rebecca Ramirez in the back of her head, and killed her sons, who were just 2 and 4 years old.

Their bodies were found, burned beyond recognition, in a car outside Mountain Home.

This is another stage for the surviving family members, to start putting the pieces, a little bit, back together in their lives, said Elmore County Sheriff Rick Layher. I think that's probably one of the most important things, for me.

Orozco was placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list in March of 2005.

He was captured in Mexico in 2009, but Mexico's policy is not to extradite suspects who might face execution.

You get a little bit frustrated. You want things to, sort of, start coming to an end a little bit, and put some closure to some things. Layher said.

Elmore County Prosecutor Kristina Schindele had to waive the right to seek the death penalty in order to get Orozco back to the U.S. She did say she would have pursued the death penalty had Orozco been located stateside.

That was done by our office with the understanding that that was the only way were going to be able to return, and retrieve Jorge Lopez Orozco, said Schindele. So we decided that was the best way to go, because it was the only way that we would be able to seek and pursue justice for Rebecca Ramirez and her two children.

Orozco was arraigned in an Elmore County court. He said through a translator that he did not commit the crimes he is accused of, but no official plea was made. Bond was set for $1 million.

Lopez Orozco will make his next court appearance on Tuesday, with his court-appointed public defender.

Clint Andrus, a detective with Elmore County, said he talked with the family of the victims Thursday night. They told him they are very pleased, but still have a lot of questions.

Those may be answered in the next few weeks of court proceedings.

Investigators are still looking for Jorge's brother, Simon, who they say, helped his brother flee to Mexico.

Simon is wanted on charges of accessory to murder and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

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