BEAR LAKE, Idaho -- A bald eagle,which was nursed back to health after crashing through the windshield of a semi-truck,is now back in the wild.

Wiegle the Window Eagle has an incredible story of survival.

The young adult female bald eagle collided with a semi-truck that was traveling more than 60 miles per hour. According to the Teton Raptor Center, Wiegle was feeding on a dead deer, and she flew the wrong direction when she heard the semi approaching.

The eagle was still alive, and after the accident, she was taken on quite the journey for treatment.

First, the eagle wastaken to Idaho Fish and Game in Pocatello. Next, Fish and Game contacted the Teton Raptor Center to arrange transport of the eagle to the center's rehabilitation clinic in Wilson, Wyoming. It was determined Wieble had pulmonary issues and internal bleeding, but miraculously had no broken bones.

Wieble spent at least one month at the rehabilitation center. There, her abilities were evaluated and Wieble proved she was making progress when she flew, ate on her own, and was able to navigate and land. Several professionals agreed Wieblewas ready to be released back into the wild.

This return to the wild qualifies as the most remarkable among our success stories, we are very proud to play a role in giving this eagle a second chance at freedom, said Teton Raptor Center's Executive Director Amy Brennan McCarthey.

Wiegle was set free in the beautiful area of Bear Lake, Idaho, where she came from.

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