BOISE -- Businesses are responding to Gov. Butch Otter's call to all Idahoans to do something to help improve our economy.

During his State of the State address Monday, Otter specifically targeted businesses, posing the idea that if every Idaho business would hire just one person, the state's future would be that much brighter.

The time is now for our citizens and businesses to show confidence in our communities, our neighbors, and ultimately in ourselves, said Otter.

Everyone knows the current economy is difficult for just about every business.

Kimble Motorsports in Boise is no different. They are trying to keep their business running when little work is coming through its doors.

Think what it could mean if every one of our 55,000 or so Idaho businesses would hire just one more person, said Otter.

Otter's remarks before the Idaho Legislature Monday were met with applause.

Rich Kimble is the owner of Kimble Motorsports.

Lately, in the last, probably two to three years, it's really taken a hard hit, said Kimble. In fact, just last week I had to let a long time, very good employee go for lack of work.

But another Boise business owner plans to take action to Otter's call.

We are going to look for a part-time person, 20 hours a week, said George Blumenschein, owner of Deli George. We have some various jobs that could be done here, and we would enjoy having another body on board.

Kimble's 12 year-old car repair and restoration business is now down to just two mechanics, he and his son Grady, down from six at its highest point.

You can just about take whatever you pay them and nearly double it with all the fees and everything that are associated with having an employee, said Kimble.

I think every business is in a position to possibly do something, maybe not great, and sometimes we want to do great things, or want to do nothing, said Blumenschein.

But for Kimble, hiring only what his needs dictate makes the most business sense.

Well, there's not a whole lot of forward movement we can do. We've kind of got to maintain where we're at, and hope for it to get a little better, said Kimble.

One thing that is adding to Kimble's hiring uncertainty, and the uncertainty of many Idaho business owners, is the future costs of hiring employees.

New health care mandates coming down the pipe don't have a price tag yet. Until they do, there is a lot of uncertainty.

Otter celebrated several Idaho business Monday during his speech that are looking to the future, trying to help dig the state out of this recession.

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