BOISE -- Lee Moore is a member of the football team and the wrestling team, but he's a lot more than just a student athlete.

He has captured the heart of Columbia high school -- inspiring everyone he meets.

Lee Moore met his best friend Brandon Henrie when they were just little boys.

Brandon is a year younger, but they have played team sports together for years, supporting each other 100 percent.

As wrestling team manager at Columbia High School - Lee has been head Coach Todd Cady's right hand man.

Lee has even had the chance to hit the mat in competition.

At first he felt comfortable just helping out the coaches, said Coach Tom Cady. Pretty soon his wrestling shoes were on. We've got him on the mat two live times so far.

But Lee has another passion too -- Football. He's a proud member of the Columbia Wildcats.

I met Lee just coming on staff here, said Coach Derek Mertz. He was team manager and kind of fell in love with him. With his personality, his enthusiasm.

It was awesome to be on the football team because I always have that energy and I always help out, said Lee. I'm always there with the water bottle, just running into the huddle giving the players their water.

This year is Lee's senior season, so Coach Derek Mertz decided it was his time to take the field.

Lee made an appearance in a couple of games, but last weekend was his BIG moment.

Wildcats versus Nampa, 4th quarter, 4th down, with five seconds left -- 77 yards, TOUCHDOWN Lee Moore!

He gets an opportunity to shine. and you see the student body, 2000 fans in the stands going ballistic, the band's going nuts, said Coach Mertz.

It means a lot, for these coaches to take him under his wing and accept him and for all the guys to accept him for who he is. It's awesome. We can't ask for anything more, said Kelly Moore, Lee's mom.

For his coaches, and the school, it is going to be hard to say goodbye to Lee Moore.

Being a senior is bittersweet for Lee. Saying farewell to his best friend Brandon will be even tougher.

We kind of know each other for a long time, said Brandon. It's going to be a sad day when he leaves.

But Lee will always have a home at Columbia High School.

Lee plans to go to Northwest Nazarene University next year.

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