BOISE -- Project-planners and city of Boise staff say a $70 million building project in downtown Boise will happen, despite continued hurdles.

The empty lot at 9th and Myrtle street is the proposed site of JUMP, or Jack's Urban Meeting Place. It is aprivately-funded project by the Simplot Family Foundation that features a park, amphitheater, and 57,000 square-foot building with interactive studios and community meeting places.

Why the project isn't it moving forward depends on who you ask.

We think the project will have great benefits for both our economy and for downtown Boise, said Boise city spokesman Adam Park.

Park says the city wants JUMP to move forward, and so does the Simplot Family Foundation.

We've gotten a lot of community support for the project, we think that people are behind this, said Simplot spokesman David Cuoio.

So why isn't it moving forward? After making numerous changes to the plan, the city's Design and Review Committee rejected the design a few weeks ago, citing potential traffic problems and an aesthetic issue with the parking garage ceiling.

Design Review had some issues about some of the accessibility and the safety issues with the parking, said Park.

But those with JUMP say the design is fine and they just needed more time to present it.

We think given more time and given more opportunity to explain the project that Design Review might have had a different impression of the project, said Cuoio.

Some questions have also risen about the qualifications of the architects working on a project of this size and scope, but Cuoio rejects those.

The team, the architects, everyone who's worked on this project has a lot of experience in working on world-class projects, he said.

So now JUMP is appealing their design to Planning and Zoning on Dec. 13 but keeping a willingness compromise.

In every project there are going to be disagreements on details, said Cuoio. We feel that the city and the JUMP team can work out those details and we will be able to move forward.

The project will be built between Myrtle and Front streets and 9th and 11th streets, right in downtown Boise.

There is currently a law firm on the corner and that will be the only building to stay.

A JUMP open house is being held Thursday at the Alaska Building in downtown Boise on Main Street near 10th Street. It runs until 9 p.m.

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