AVERY, Idaho-- A helicopter crew plucked a hunter and his 14-year-old daughter from a mountainous and remote area of northern Idaho Thursday morning after the pair had been missing for three days following a snowstorm.

A spokesman at the Fairchild Air Force Base's 36th Rescue Flight in Spokane, Wash., says 37-year-old Matthew Gering and his daughter, Kia, of Post Falls had no injuries when they were hoisted to the helicopter in a basket and flown to a command post in Avery, Idaho.

Once it got dark, I just bawled my eyes out. I was like, what if they don't come? Kia said.

I kept saying they're going to come, Matt Gering said.

Staff Sgt. J.G. Buzanowski says the two were rescued in a rugged area where two feet of snow had fallen Monday night.

A plane from Fairchild Air Force Base spottedthe two on a remote roadabout 8:30 a.m. They were found near Mammoth Springs, about 35 miles southeast of the town of Avery, at an elevation of about 6,400 feet.

Gering and Kia set out on Monday on a hunting trip in the St. Joe National Forest. They were supposed to contact family in Post Falls on Monday night.

Gering's mother saidher son is an experienced outdoors man, but that it was her granddaughter Kia's first time out. Gering said the two were able to keep warm by staying in their truck. The pair survived on melted snow and an elk Gering shot.

When we ran out of food... I told Kia we were going to go get some food, and I went out and killed an elk and brought it back and smoked every last bit of it. I got a lot to share if anybody wants! Gering joked on Thursday morning.

More than 30 people, on foot, on snowmobiles, and in 4X4's, searched the area Wednesday. Two helicopters from Fairchild AFB joined in the search on Thursday morning before they were spotted.

The very same Fairchild Air Force helicopter crew that rescued the father and daughter rescued four more people and a dog Thursday as well. The other four were hikers who'd been stranded overnight by a snowstorm in the same area.

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