CALDWELL -- A judge won't decide immediately whether to force Canyon County Prosecutor John Bujak to release details about money he gets to provide prosecution services for the city of Nampa.

District Judge Kathryn Sticklen heard more than two hours of testimony Thursday.

Nampa resident Bob Henry wants to view records of Bujak's bank account where Nampa's $50,000 monthly checks are deposited.

Bujak, who could personally get up to $50,000 from the contract, says the account is private.

Nampa Mayor Tom Dale has signed an affidavit in the 3rd District Court indicating Nampa didn't enter into a contract with Bujak as an individual.

A separate document, approved by the Nampa City Council last September, sent payments to John T. Bujak, Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney, instead of the Canyon County auditor.

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