SPOKANEVALLEY-- In five weeks, 37 Dollar Stores across Washington State will close down and hundreds will be out of work.

Shelves are emptying out at the stores across Spokane. Employees thought things were going to get better, then they found out they were losing their jobs.Now out of business and liquidation signs hang like banners across the store ceiling in Spokane Valley.

Mary Anne Edwards has managed the store for four years. She is heartbroken. Edwards says she s not worried about herself. At 69-years-old she ll make ends meet, but she worries about her younger employees.

More than 400 people across the state will lost their minimum wage jobs. Edwards says the harsh news came May 1st. T

he owner of the chain of northwest stores filed bankruptcy in March. Edwards says the company acquired the Dollar Store, and then decided to liquidate everything.

Edwards is worried for the elderly and low income customers that depend on the low-cost store. The five stores in the Spokane area will officially close on June 30th.

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