BOISE -- It took several hours for crews to clean up a major fuel spill Saturday morning in Boise.

It happened at the Maverick gas station on the corner of Franklin Road and Cloverdale Road around 10 a.m.

Those with the Boise Fire Department said the tanker truck driver clipped a light pole and that hit a valve.

The fuel started to immediately leak out.

It was called in as a major fuel leak, and those with Boise Fire explain what that means.

Initially they were estimating 500 gallons of diesel fuel that leaked from the tank. It did get into one of the storm drains, so that was an issue and concern for us, but there is no more leaking product at this time, said Boise Fire Battalion Chief John Peugh.

The trucking company is in charge of making sure all of the fuel is cleaned up, which is said to take anywhere from three to four hours.

Boise Fire says 941 gallons of fuel leaked from the tank.

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