BOISE -- Fire officials from the Bureau of Land Management and several other agencies gave us a look at the upcoming 2014 fire season.

Ed Delgado with Predictive Services says we have had some precipitation this year but in the coming weeks things will begin to dry out and those weather and fuel conditions are going to play a big role.

Things have been delayed starting but as temperatures continue to warm, we get into the hot season, we'll start to see all the fuels dry out. So as we get into late June and July we'll start to see an increase in fire activity across the southeast Idaho and into northern Nevada, said Delgado.

Another big issue when it comes to wildfire season is humans.

The Boise National Forest chief says the number one cause of wildfires in Idaho is lightning, while the second leading cause is people.

He says about 400 abandoned campfires are found each year in the Boise National Forest, and all of them have the potential to start a wildfire.

ATVs and exploding targets can also ignite fires.

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