BOISE -- As the debate over Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl's past and his future continues nationwide, we're hearing a new perspective from a man who lives in Bergdahl's hometown.

Don Liebich is also an author, focusing on Middle East foreign policy and recently wrote a blog about Bergdahl's situation and the nation's response to it.

Liebich has met Bowe's parents and heard their push for his release.

I think for him it was a real shock, said Liebich about Bergdahl's reaction to war. And from what his parents said he was disillusioned from what he saw.

Liebich says there are simply not enough facts to know what happened to Bergdahl five years ago.

It's possible he walked off and was grabbed by the Taliban, or it's possible he intended to desert, we just don't know those answers.

Liebich has traveled to the Middle East and has heard firsthand accounts from others held hostage by the Taliban.

The Taliban are Pashtun and you may think you're a prisoner but they think you're a guest and so they do treat their prisoners pretty well, but even living in a pashtun village is a hard life, said Liebich.

He says Bowe most likely wasn't tortured, but his captivity also wasn't easy.

Largely confined to a small hut probably one that didn't have any or very few windows.

Liebich's biggest message is not to judge Bowe until he has a chance to tell his own story.

Let's give them some space, let's not jump to conclusions, lets wait and see what happens, he said.

Liebich says while there is obviously plenty of people protesting Bergdahl's release, he feels like in Hailey, most are still standing behind him.

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