SEATTLE -- Many people have heard the advice eating several small meals will help curb hunger pangs, keep the metabolism going and help shed pounds. But a recent study says eating just two big meals a day could help people lose more weight.

Researchers from the Czech Republic studied more than 50 patients with Type 2 Diabetes over five months. Half the group followed the 5-to-6 small meals a day diet. The other half ate a big breakfast and a large lunch but skipped dinner.

Both groups lost weight, but the group that only ate two big meals lost the most weight.The researchers believe eating fewer, bigger meals led to lower fasting blood sugar levels, which means the body's insulin production worked more efficiently.

But most dietitians and nutritionist don't recommend skipping dinner. Instead, they suggest eating a smaller dinner.

I don t recommend meal skipping. Generally when I see when people skip meals, they overeat, and what they often overeat is not the best choice. We grab what s quick and easy. In reality, what s quick and easy is fast food and convenience foods, said registered dietitian and nutritionist Jessica Hoffman.

Hoffman recommends setting simple and maintainable goals, like reducing food intake instead of cutting out all carbohydrates.

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