A Caldwell woman was arrested Wednesday night after police say she struck an officer with her car and ran over his bicycle.

The Meridian Police Department officer said he spotted 21-year-old Rachel Ure fail to stop at a stop sign at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Pennwood Street. When she pulled into a nearby parking lot to pick up a passenger, the officer approached on his bicycle.

Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said Ure began to argue with the officer after he confronted her about running the stop sign. He said at one point in the argument, Ure rolled up her window, then threw the car into reverse.

That's when Ure backed over the officer's bicycle, crushing it, Basterrechea said. She then hit the officer with her car as she swung it around to leave.

It was more of a glancing blow with car, Basterrechea said. I don't know if she hit him with the mirrror or the front of the car.

The officer was taken to a local hospital, and Ure was pulled over a short distance away.

She has been charged with felony assault on an officer, as well as misdemeanors for resisting and obstructing, and driving without a license or proof of insurance.

She's scheduled for arraignment Thursday afternoon.

Basterrechea said the officer was not seriously injured, and was released form the hospital the same day.

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