BOISE A Boise golf course owner is in a battle with Idaho Power over the location of a sector box on an easement near his golf course. Bashar Sabbagh says that what Idaho Power is doing will hurt his business, Indian Lakes Golf Course.

All I see is nothing but a bully and reject to talk to me, reject to return my calls, said Sabbagh.

We've been working with Mr. Bashar since March to talk with him about his concerns and work with him, said Idaho Power spokesperson Stephanie McCurdy.

This argument between the golf course and utility company is part of a bigger project Idaho Power is working on to improve power reliability in the area.

The box in question is a sector box. Before it was below ground, now it will be above ground housed in a box. The change makes it easier for Idaho Power to make repairs when they re needed.

Sabbagh is pretty upset about the placement of box, which is right next to the first tee box. Despite a month of trying to talk, the work to put the box in began Tuesday morning.

Sabbagh was so upset about the situation that he called the Ada County Sheriff's Office to come out and stop an Idaho Power crew from digging up his property. The deputies did not get involved because it's a civil matter.

They decide to put it there and I said, are you kidding me? said Sabbagh. This is next to the tee. Can you put it somewhere else? And they said no, that's where it needs to be.

We never like to see a customer upset, said McCurdy. We're not in the business to upset customers, but in this instance the work has to be done, and we did identify that location as the best place for that box to go.

On a beautiful Tuesday morning, in what would normally be ideal golfing conditions, construction work forced golfers to adjust.

It doesn't really bother me so much, because it's something I can't control, said Mathew Moyer.

KTVB spoke to eleven golfers about the new box that will go up right next to the first tee. Eight of the eleven didn't seem to mind it or the construction work going on.

It's barely on the course, it's right by the street, on the first hole, so it's not going to, you know, if somebody is hitting balls over there they're going to have more problems than a green box.

Golfers opposed to the location say it doesn't belong next to the tee box, and that's Sabbagh's argument. He's worried about the look of his business.

There's a lot of people. When they see that, when they walk in and see that, they might play that day, but they're not going to come back, said Sabbagh. It's a huge box. It's an obstacle next to the tee.

After the project already being delayed once and several weeks of attempted communication, on both sides, including a face to face meeting, Idaho Power decided to move forward with its original plan.

Tuesday morning Sabbagh offered to pay Idaho Power $10,000 to move the box 95 feet, but McCurdy says she could not accept the money from a customer, nor did she have the power to stop the project.

Once the current work is done, we can revisit with Mr. Bashar moving it, said McCurdy. That's not off the table.

Sabbagh moved the tee markers up, outside of this tee box, to keep his golfers from having to tee off right next to construction workers.

Idaho Power says construction on the box should be complete by the end of the week.

Sabbagh says he plans to take this issue to court to argue the ownership of the easement. He says he'll let the judge decide who's right in this case.

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