BOISE A quick response from several agencies across several states stopped what police say was a kidnapping involving a two-year-old girl. This story spans from South Dakota to Oregon.

A mother in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, who has full custody over her daughter, told police that her ex-husband took the girl and had likely left the state.

Quick action and some good police work led to the arrest 24-year-old Jared Swets from Grants Pass, Oregon.

For nearly 24 hours police tracked Swets, who was arrested in a parking lot near Cole and Overland Roads. Police figured he'd come through Boise, but didn't know for sure until family members cooperated with police.

Just before midnight on Tuesday, Swets' ex-wife called police in Sioux Falls to report her ex-husband did not bring back their young daughter.

Quickly we became concerned ourselves that the child was not going to be returned to the mother and this had, in fact, turned into a child kidnapping, said Lt. Matt Burns with the Sioux Falls Police Department.

Police realized that it didn't take the father long to leave the state with the girl. That's when the Sioux Falls Police Department put out a bulletin to notify other agencies.

They believed that Swets, his girlfriend, and the toddler were making their way to Oregon, Swets is from Grants Pass in southern Oregon. But they had more help than just the knowledge of his potential route.

This person he was stopping and calling, asking to use people s cell phones and the people he was calling was family members and he was being evasive to them as well, but because those family members were very concerned about the well being of the child they were cooperating with us, said Burns.

That cooperation led police to calling back the numbers of the borrowed cell phones. Somehow, in a way that hasn't been made clear to KTVB, detectives decided to check in the area of Cole and Overland. That's where Boise Police found the trio around 7 p.m. Wednesday. Boise P.D. found the car, did a traffic stop and made arrested Swets without incident.

We will do anything we can to assist other agencies, and especially if there is somebody that needs to be taken into custody to prevent someone else from getting hurt, especially a child. We'll go out of our way to do that, said Lt. Ron Winegar with the Boise Police Department. We feel like they're partners, they are fellow brother officers and sister officers, just in a different part of the country.

It takes a combined effort of concerned persons, families and things like that for these things to come to a positive outcome and we're pleased with how this came out, said Burns.

Swets is currently in the Ada County Jail awaiting extradition to South Dakota where he faces felony charges of kidnapping.

As for the girl, she was found safe, and was turned over to child protective services until she can be reunited with her mother in South Dakota.

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