EAGLE -- There's a large gap in the Eagle Greenbelt where a bridge used to be.

Eagle City Councilman Mark Butler said the bridge was built in the late 1960s or early 1970s during a gravel extraction operation, and says over time, parts of the bridge have gone missing. In the last few weeks there was one beam left for people to cross, but after city officials announced they were filing condemnation actions on the area, Butler said it disappeared.

The City of Eagle has worked with the Laguna Point Homeowners Association, the neighborhood bordering that section of the Greenbelt, to try to find a compromise on the public pathway.

When the economy got better we tried to reopen our pathway, and the association said, 'wait a minute,' and since the easement wasn't recorded we've had to negotiate with the property owner, but the whole intention from the beginning, when the development came in, was this path was supposed to be public, said Butler.

Butler said it is the government's right to condemn property for public use. With the condemnation order filed, the city hopes to have complete control over the path in the next couple months and put a culvert where that bridge used to be.

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