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BOISE COUNTY Michael Dauber is currently awaiting trial, accused of shooting and killing Steve Kalogerakos in December 2007.

Now we re beginning to get an idea about his past and his life growing up.

It would appear that killing or threatening to do so is part of his past or his pattern of action, said Boise County Prosecutor Ian Gee.

Gee said that pattern of action which came out in court on Thursday, dates back to his father and his connection to the mob in Chicago.

During the court hearing, Gee said that Dauber's father was a known mob hitman in Chicago.

Michael Dauber and Steve Kalogerakos were friends since they were kids growing up in Chicago. It's during that time in Chicago that many say is the genesis of Dauber's character.

On July 2, 1980, Michael's dad, Billy Dauber, and his wife Charlotte, were shot and killed in what later turned out to be a mob hit. The irony, Billy Dauber was a known hit man for the mafia.

At the time he was killed it's believed Billy was cooperating with authorities.

The Chicago Tribune called Billy Dauber a killer and psychopath, saying he was said to be so cold, he could put his arm around a man's shoulders and smile and pull the trigger, the body slumping but Dauber still grinning and hugging like a pal.

His son, Michael Dauber, who is currently awaiting his murder trial, was just 12 years old when his father and stepmother were gunned down in his Oldsmobile.

The van used in the assassination was torched shortly after. It wasn't much later that Michael Dauber met and became friends with Steve Kalogerakos. Steve's sister Maria remembers their friendship.

They were very close friends, Maria said. Or so I thought at the time, at the time they were growing up, they were really good friends.

She also remembers what Dauber said growing up.

He said he always wanted to be like his dad, always wanted to be just like his dad, said Maria.

Having heard comments like that before, Gee brought that up in court on Thursday.

If he were allowed to be released is to go and potentially intimidate people based on the fact that he and his and his family are known to have killed people, said Gee.

Billy Dauber was linked to upwards of 30 murders when he ran with the mob. That past earned him the reputation as one of the most feared assassins in the Chicago underworld.

According to, a website that has documented the history of the mob in Chicago, it said this, For Dauber, killing was easy, like popping a pimple. Most considered him unstable. He go could from zero to raging maniac in the blink of an eye. Simply put, he was a psychopath. He had killed rivals and he had killed friends. Murder was more than a requirement of his job as a mob enforcer. It was almost like his hobby. In all likelihood, Dauber enjoyed murder.

While Michael Dauber remains innocent until proven guilty, Gee strongly believes, based on what witnesses are saying, that Dauber wanted to follow in his father's footsteps.

That belief will play out in this case that's set to go to trial in September.

Michael Dauber moved to Idaho in 1994. Steve Kalogerakos moved here a short time later. Steve went back to Chicago for a while, but came back and lived with Dauber for the last three months of his life.

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