IDAHO CITY An Idaho City man charged with murdering his roommate was back in court today.

Forty-five-year-old Michael Dauber appeared for a bond hearing. His attorney argued that Dauber deserves to have a bond set, so he has a chance to bond out of jail.

Dauber is accused of killing Steve Kalogerakos in December 2007.

Judge Patrick Owen denied the bond argument from Dauber s court appointed public defender, saying that he should be held in the Ada County Jail throughout his trial.

During the brief hearing, Boise County Prosecutor Ian Gee released more gruesome details about this case.

Gee said that Dauber shot Kalogerakos with a pistol, then used an ax and a bone saw to cut his body into pieces, put them in a plastic bag and then a ruck sack, before dumping the remains in a shallow grave in remote mountainous area several miles outside of Idaho City.

Gee further claimed Dauber admitted to people that he not only killed Kalogerakos, but that he s killed other people as well. He said Dauber claims to getting a high when he kills someone.

No further details were given about the claim of other murders, but Dauber has long been considered a person of interest in the disappearance of Joshua Reddington from Salmon. Dauber was the last person to see Reddington in 2000.

Gee said Dauber poses a safety threat to the community and should not be released from jail.

Dauber is a veteran of the Gulf War and got a Purple Heart for his service.

He will be in court again in August, with his trial date set for September.

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