BOISE -- Temperatures are warming up this week and it's natural to start thinking about how our fire season might shape up.

Wildfire is not something that any one particular agency or group can solve, said Boise Fire Marshal Romeo Gervais.

With that in mind, fire agencies, homeowners and builders sat down Monday to talk about what it takes to be a firewise community.

Boise was recently deemed firewise.

It's a pretty exciting thing to be selected as one of only 18 communities, said Gervais. The real key piece to it, a lot of what we are doing today at this Southwest Wildfire Mitigation Forum.

The communities are pilot sites for fire adaptive learning. And specifically places like Quail Ridge and Columbia Village in Boise are on the forefront. Those that live here have taken additional steps to set aside funding to spend on fire mitigation.

It just basically means that they've taken a look at their community, figured out where their risks are, and they've actively produced a plan and are working on it to mitigate those risks, said Gervais.

But the wildfires we see in Idaho are all different.

These forums allows us all to talk together, work together, said Ketchum Fire Chief Mike Elle.

In 2013, the Beaver Fire came dangerously close to Sun Valley and the surrounding communities, and when the flames extinguished firefighters had a better handle on the aftermath because they talked about it.

In this case we had another fire, we'd been through it before, we learned very quickly that we needed to integrate with the Forest Service, which we did with the Castlerock Fire, but we did it better this time, said Elle. And then to work together, all the departments, the networking and how we all can cooperate, and no one department can handle something like we did by themselves.

Many of these firewise communities do certain things to get that title. Among them, they require codes to suppress fires, landscaping has to be ignition resistant, and there are fire protection plans in place -- that means safety routes, and even fuel breaks.

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