NAMPA -- He's a legendary athlete who commands audiences across the country.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bushwacker.

Weighing in at 1,700 pounds, he's a monster bull with the reputation of a professional athlete. Only three riders have ever lasted 8 seconds on his back.

Professional bull rider Ty Pozzobon isn't one of them.

Guaranteed, every bull rider in the world -- if you say Bushwacker -- if they're any kind of a bull rider they know the name, Pozzobon said while perched on the yellow steel gate above his pen.

The pro rider from British Columbia is anxious to ride Bushwacker during the bull's retirement tour on the Professional Bull Riders Series.

There's a big reason for that.

Bushwacker's winning streak of 42 riders bucked has gone unmatched. He's scheduled to retire to the life of a stud bull in October. That means the window of time left to ride him is narrowing.

Dan Phippen, Marketing Director for the Ford Idaho Center, says the bull is set to buck at Friday's Professional Bull Rider's Built Ford Tough Series in Nampa.

People love the cowboys and the professional riders, but they have a passion for this bull, and this bull -- his last time in Idaho is tonight, and he'll be retiring after this season and going out to stud after that, and this bull is worth a few million dollars, said Phippen.

Sure he looks calm while munching on hay in his pen, but this bucking bull will soon be in action.

Bull riders like Pozzobon say it's a combination of intelligence and brute strength that sets this bad boy apart from the herd.

He's as famous as any bull rider is, honestly, Pozzobon said. He's made quite the name for himself.

For information on the PBR series in Nampa, click here.

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