GARDEN CITY -- Tax time is generally not met with excitement, but an event by AARP is trying to ease the stress of the season by hosting free tax-aide sites throughout the valley.

It's a very stressful time of the year and when you put stress on yourself it's very hard to learn or understand what's happening, says Gail, a tax counselor who said they don't give their last names for privacy reasons.

The counselors sit with you and do your taxes and then have someone check their work to make sure it's done correctly.

For years I did my own with a computer program, said Joyce, who asked not to reveal her last name. But one year I didn't understand something I was asked and I made a mistake and ended up owing more money.

The process takes about an hour, but the counselors spend much more time than that preparing.

We spend 40 hours every year training on taxes and the new laws that are coming out and how to handle them, so we're all certified by the IRS to do taxes, Gail said.

AARP is finding the elderly aren't the only group who need help with their taxes.

In the past we've always geared ourselves to the seniors, but we've been opening it up so that we've been getting a lot more younger people coming in for help, said Gail.

The program is free for people of any income and they get some people, like Dennis Morris, year after year.

It was a real good feeling, really, the whole thing was a good feeling because the gal did it, knew what she was doing, you could tell it, and for me it was just a real relief, said Morris.

The tax-aide sessions are funded through the AARP foundation and grants from the IRS.

You can find locations for the tax help here.

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