BOISE -- It's spring break for a lot of Treasure Valley students. While many kids tend to sit in front the TV or play video games during their break, one group of kids is getting outside for some hands-on learning.

These 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students are taking part in the week-long junior naturalist program.

Wednesday they spent time along the Boise River learning about the river's ecosystem.

Every day they go out they have a personal spot they sit in, said Joyce Harvey-Morgan, volunteer coordinator. They explore, they look at birds, they look at tracks. We found some bones. We think about what this is all about . Its basically getting them to learn a lot and observe about the natural world. And to have fun!

This is the third year for the junior naturalist program which is organized by the MK Nature Center.

Organizers say the program is in high demand, and more kids are signing up for it each year.

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